Jul 8, 2011

Two Months Old

Little James is now TWO months old!! My oh my how time flies! My Little baby boy is growing up so fast! I have grown to love him more than I could have ever expected! Last month I decided that I would find a whole months worth of new things I have grown to LOVE, adore, and absolutely can't live with out that my Baby James does.
For Month TWO:
1. I love that he is growing {SUPER FAST}!
2. I love that he knows who I am.
3. He Only cries when he is hungry, has air, or needs a diaper change.
4. He loves the sound of Rain, it puts him to sleep!
5. He loves to sleep naked... :)
6. I love that he fits into his three month old clothes perfectly
7. Baby James loves the bath, he can sit in it for hours if I let him. It really does calm him.
8. I am so excited that his Collapsed Eye Duct is no longer collapsed. Thank goodness for medicated ointment.
9. James gets a really dry stuffy nose (from the elevation), it reminds me that he is not perfect.
10. He is a shy bug when it comes to the camera.
11. I love that he holds my hand (finger).
12. Car rides calm him.
13. He knows his Daddy.
14. His sleeping schedule is off, but it works with mine. I am not the best morning person so I love that he sleeps in!
15. I love that Logan is now getting comfortable with him, James will now fall asleep in his arms.
16. Although James does not like to change his clothes [what baby does?] he lets me change him and only moans when I change him.
17. Socks are too small for his feet.
18. Afternoon naps keep him a happy boy!
19. I know this is one from last month but must be added... He really is a quiet baby!
20. Although he is having some bilirubin level troubles, he is handling blood work like a trooper! Every prick is terrible to watch and yes he cries but two minuets later its like nothing ever happened.
21. When he lays on my bed in the morning he watches the fan! Super cute!
22. No Major diaper rashes... Yet.
23. Little James lets anyone hold him...and shares smiles... if he's awake.
24. He loves to sleep through Church. I know that his sweet little Spirit is still so close to Heavenly Father, I can feel His love through little James every day.
25. He is Handsome like his Dad.
26. Holding his head up is this months biggest accomplishment!
27. On the count of Three he stands, or at least tries to.
28. Chunky thighs are ADORABLE!
29. When he scrunches he has back rolls.
30. I love everything about him, Logan and James are my two best blessings I have ever received.

....oh how I cannot wait for another month with my Little man, he and Logan complete me.

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