Jun 22, 2011

James' Baby Blessing, the Grandparents and Father's Day

The past couple if weeks have been super busy and full of family! Baby James had his blessing on the 12th, it was a wonderful day! Mama and Papa Bliss (Logan's parents) and Uncle Dave (Logan's youngest brother) drove from Missouri to witness the blessing. Uncle Kevin (one of Logan's older brothers), his wife Natalie and their wonderful girls also drove from Missouri. And of course Jared (Logan's oldest brother), his wife Katie and their kids drove up from Cottonwood to be part Of the special day! My mom also come to town tojointhe fun! I was so excited we could see so much family, I truly love all of Logan's family.

We were able to spend the week with the family, it was a ton of fun, especially since it's been awhile since our last visit to Missouri. I am so grateful I married into a wonderful family, who support Logan and I.

Sunday was Logan's first Father's Day, and it was a joy to spend it with him. He is a wonderful father to James, I know that it is not always easy for him but I do know he is trying his hardest. I am so happy that Logan and I have James, I don't know what we would do without him.

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