Mar 12, 2011

ups and downs

There have been so many ups and downs lately.... mostly ups, but still no one likes the downs.

Two weeks ago Logan and I learned that my brother Erik, now had a daughter. Down.
We didn't know anything about the situation, he's sixteen, a junior, and not ready to be a father. To be honest i was really upset! (since then i have come to accept what has happened and am okay with it) Well after we found out I went to visit the Baby Keanna Faye. Logan was working and my all my family was going so i tagged along. If i were going to be an Aunt then I at least wanted to see my Niece.
She was adorable and I immediately fell in love with her. Up.

How can you not be... She is adorable! We also met Keanna's family. They were so nice and so welcoming. Up

I also had time to spend with my family another Up!

This past week Logan received a promotion and transferring!! He's going to be closer to home and who does not love a promotion? Another UP!

Our Baby James has been growing so fast, he is moving constantly which is a bit painful sometimes but always worth it. Up! Yet i have been starting to get Braxton hicks Contractions, Ouch! ...Down!

The Ups definitely out weigh the downs, which is wonderful and always worth focusing on.

Baby Bliss and I only have 64 more days until we met. I can not wait!

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