Feb 24, 2011

Logan's Birthday!

This past week we celebrated Logan's 24th birthday! It was a ton of fun, and he was very spoiled this year! First we decided that his present would be a TV! We have been using our computer screen since we've been married which didn't bother me, but Logan being the computer guy he is could not handle it anymore! So we went to best buy and we got him a 40 inch Samsung LCD flat screen. We decided that it would be his birthday present, which he was just fine with. Within the next few days Logan and I went to pick up my iPhone case at Verizon. While we were there the sales agent told Logan that he could get the iPhone as well. He was sure that the agent was wrong he already knew his upgrade wasn't for a few months. But we waited and they later confirmed that he was not eligible for an upgrade, Logan was a bit upset.
I originally wanted to get Logan the Xbox 360 with the Kinect, it's been something he has been obsessed with since it's come out. So when he was told that he could not get the phone of his dreams I knew I wanted to surprise him with the Xbox and Kinect. I tried to keep it a secret because i love surprises, he on the other hand is a bit impatient. After telling him we went to game stop to pick up the system and games! He was so excited and has loved it since we've bought it.

For Logan's birthday we decided to drive down to the valley. It was a wonderful retreat especially after the snow storm we had in town. while in the valley we watched a movie (Logan's weakness) and eat at some restaurants that we don't have in flagstaff. We also had time to visit the temple, we both had the best week celebrating Logan's birthday.

{I have been craving donuts forever, Logan and I were able to stop and grab my most favorite donuts!! Oh how i love him}
I couldn't ask for such a more wonderful husband! He makes me the most happiest wife!

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