Jan 11, 2011

Baby Update

This pregnancy has gone by fast but i must saw i have enjoyed every part of it, even the morning sickness. there are some new updates:
  • More then half way through, I am now 22 weeks along!!
  • I can now feel my little one moving
  • We are having a little boy!!
  • We are both healthy, meaning one I am actually gaining weight! and two the baby is strong and growing with no problems that we know of.

Logan and I are so excited to be pregnant it is such a blessing! I also love watching my belly grow, my pants no longer fit, shirts are starting to get tight around the tummy. I have yet to purchase any maturity clothes, mostly because I want to see how long I can put it off before I absolutely must buy some. I tell Logan almost every night that my tummy is growing so fast I look at myself in the mirror and realize that there is a little boy growing inside, its such a sweet feeling.
I must admit I have heard the stories about random people just wanting to touch my tummy and they scare my like crazy! So when we go out I always wear a jacket or a sweater so my belly is not as noticeable so no random people will come and touch it.. how awkward!!

Baby Boy Bliss at 20 weeks
He's a BOY!
Only 18 weeks until we meet! Logan cannot wait!

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