Nov 14, 2010

an update for november..

Lately I have been so bad at updating my blogs... I would love to blame it mostly on my morning sickness but it's also because I am just so forgetful and easily distracted that i just haven't.

I am now 14 weeks pregnant! My morning sickness has been all day sickness for the last 7 weeks and I am hoping this week it starts to fade away. At my last appointment Logan ask the OB when the sickness would go away (he was so sweet, worrying about me being sick so often) the OB replied that most women will have it ease up around 14 weeks, or 1 in 100 women will be sick through their whole pregnancy! I am praying that I am not that 1! While laying in bed this morning Logan and I were examining my belly to see if I was yet to be showing anything.... and we figured if I lay flat on my back and relax all my stomach muscles then take a deep breath we could see what looks the size of a melon in my tummy.... this is not there normally so I believe that I can see where our little Fetus is growing! :)
We go back in 3 weeks for our Dr Appointment! I am so excited we will be able to hear the little heart beat beat and make sure I am still healthy. We heard the Heart beat last time and it was so exciting, I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time but I just remained quiet and listened while I could!

For Thanksgiving we will be visiting Missouri for the third time this year! I am really excited to see the family and be on a vacation! I will be able to meet some of the Bliss extended family, I have only met a couple of cousins so this will be quite the adventure (hopefully I will NOT be sick). I am assuming this will be the last time Logan and I will be able to travel just him and I to Missouri before our Baby is born. Oh how a baby changes plans all together!

{Just Logan and I}
We have been very busy with work and me sleeping all the time , we have still been to the movies! Which sometimes is not my favorite but Logan loves it so I tag along. :) We are always in Baby Mode, trying to figure out what makes me nauseous, what I can and can not eat. I feel as though we are always worried about me. Logan is so wonderful, he is always thinks of me and how I am feeling, making sure I am okay. He is so WONDERFUL! I could not ask for a better husband!

Well that's all I can think of going on in our lives.. 'til next time :)

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