Jul 1, 2010

Missouri Trip

Logan and I returned from our wonderful trip to Missouri on Tuesday Morning. It was just a weekend trip but way worth it! We knew since Logan was starting a new job we would have a harder time traveling back to see the family. So we decided to go when it was easier for us.
We left for Phoenix Thursday evening our flight was not until Friday, but instead of rushing to catch our plane we decided to take our time. We stayed the night at the Hotel Valley Ho, it is a wonderful property we would recommend it! The flight to Missouri was 2 hours and 15 mins, very short compared to the 18 hour drive. Upon arriving Reagan and Sterling (Logan's twin and his Cousin) picked us up at the Airport, we raced to Reagan's apartment to pick up his wife and Sterling's Fiancée. We all then went to watch Grown Ups, which is a very good movie we were all laughing.
The next morning Logan's Dad came to pick us up, he was going to drive us to the Bliss House in Dadeville. Along the way we were able to stop at the Jeweler's house,Brother Adams, had made my Engagement ring and we had ordered a band to complete my set. So we were able to watch him sauder the two bands together. We enjoyed a wonderful Breakfast with the family, for our afternoon trip we decided we would drive to the Osceola Cheese Factory. They sell more than 150m different types of cheese! Logan and I had been to a smaller cheese store so we knew our favorite was the Mild Buffalo Wing Cheddar. Both To and from Osceola we were able to stop at some Amish stores, they were very interesting, I had never been to one so I was shocked the with the items they sold and made. After returning to Dadeville we all went to the Dadeville Cafe! it is the only restaurant in Dadeville, they also make the shirt which read Dadeville Population 224.
Sunday we spent plenty of time with the Family!

The Osceola Cheese Mouse
Monday was the most exciting day we were able to go to Silver Dollar City in Branson. Its a Theme Park set in the 1800s, so they have Mining themed rides, Country themed food. It was a ton of fun! Our flight back to Arizona was in the evening so were we were able to enjoy almost a whole day with the Bliss's.

I loved Missouri it was so green, the Family was so wonderful, and it was a ton of fun, Logan and I had the best trip yet! I still don't think i will move there, but i love visiting.


  1. Its about time you blogged you silly girl!!! I think its funny we both went on vacation about the same time and in the same area. I went to Illinois and Minnesota lol and we left on Wed. and came back tuesday and went to see family! How ironic!!! Checks we really really need to hang out i miss you lol !!! have a great day and let me know if you need any help moving.

  2. Dad, you can open your eyes...it's not THAT scary! Cute pictures!!

  3. FUNNY PIC WITH THE MOUSE, LOU! I love your blog, Alicia!