Jul 27, 2010

Family Reunion

This weekend Logan and I attended a Family Reunion for my Great Grandparents on my Dad's side. It was in Cameron which two things were going to happen, One it would be EXTREMELY hot and Two it would very WINDY! This two things did happen! Thank goodness we did not have a ton of rain that would have been very messy!

There were plenty of things going on the whole weekend, Games, Horse races, and contests. It was a ton of fun. While we were there Logan watched two Lamb get butchered, and once they were done he had what my Dad called Monster Mash. Which was a mixture of all the body organs, sautéed with some seasonings. Logan surprisingly said it was better then what he has had before. I did not even go near it! My family loved that he was so up for trying it.

The second highlight of the trip was the hula hoop contest. Logan and I were hula hooping and I must admit he is almost a pro!

We had a ton of fun and enjoyed the whole weekend with the family and together! I am so happy Logan was able to meet a lot of extended family and that they were able to meet my wonderful Husband!

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