Nov 28, 2015

November overview

November is one of my favorite months, because it always means My Family comes to visit from Arizona! This year my Mom, two brothers Erik and Tyler, Mina and Keanna were able to come visit. We were hoping for some warmer weather but we were not blessed with such. There were a few things that I had planned Girls breakfast, kid free movie and Thanksgiving dinner and of course I wanted to spoil everyone with some home cooked food. We had Biscuits and Gravy, Cinnamon rolls, Cashew Chicken, Roast and a full Thanksgiving dinner. I love spoiling with home cooked food.
Everyone wanted to run out and watch a movie, while mom and I stayed behind and watched the littles, we all snagged some Chinese food since no one else was home and we needed break.
Mina and Erik
For our Girls Breakfast we went to the Aviary, stopped in at the Farmers Market and stopped at some craft shows. It was a delicious breakfast and it was fun to get to know Mina.
Boss and Keanna were joined at the hip the whole weekend!
I love when my family comes to visit! I love spending time with them all, and it helps that I don't have to travel across the country. I was so grateful to see them all!
Once Thanksgiving was over the boys were so excited to pull out all the Christmas Decorations. Each boy helped pull out the ornaments and dress the tree. I let them loose, the whole bottom of the tree was covered while the top was bare. I couldn't help but giggle, they were so proud of all their work. I waited until nap time and rearranged the tree. After their nap Boston was so excited to play with all the ornaments and pulled one that happen to pull over the tree. This was also the last year for our tree, we've had it since our first Christmas. When I plugged in the tree only half the lights turned on, I had to inspect every single light and luckily it lit up. Our poor little tree was also loosing all it needles.

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