Sep 13, 2015

Boston turns 2

We celebrated Boston's birthday! We tried to keep it simple since Logan would be working most of the day. James had been counting down the days for 3 weeks. Every morning he would wake up and a ask how much longer it was until Boss's birthday and we would count the days on the calendar. The night before the big day, James had informed me that he had not been able to pick out a present for his brother and he really wanted to. So off to the store we went, we watched Boston to see what he liked and asked him what toy he liked. We managed to sneak the toy we picked out into our cart and purchase it without Boston realize what was happening. James loved keeping a "secret" from Boss. When we got home I hid it away in my closet.

On the day of James ran into our room when he woke up and reminded me that today was the day. We all snuck into his room and filled his bed with balloons.  Boss loves to sleep and has a hard time waking up, like his mama ;). Once he tossed out all the balloons he was happy. The boys played with balloons all morning. We played all Boston's favorite games and watched a movie of his choice. Boston loves the outdoors and trains, so we decided to take his trains and train tracks outside to play, he was thrilled!
I made his favorite dinner, chicken strips, mac and cheese with broccoli and cake to follow. Boston had helped me make and decorate the cake earlier, so he was pretty excited when he was able to blow out the candles. After cake James grabbed Boss's present from its hiding spot and then told him what was inside. Luckily Boston had no idea what was going on and continued opening it. We all had a fun day celebrating our favorite little Boss!
I can't believe I have a two year old. He loves to play with James, follow mom and dad everywhere, he enjoys playing on his own but is always grateful when someone wants to play with him. He has the cutest little smile that'll brighten anyones day. We sure do love him!

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