Sep 20, 2015

Cider & Doughnuts

I love Festivals! When I was little my family would always head out to all the fun festivals our little town had, so since we have moved to Missouri I have tried to keep up the tradition. We have a few favorites and this weekend was Cider Days! I love apple cider so we all headed out the door after breakfast. We arrived downtown and it was warm and the streets were full of people. Cider Days is one of my favorites because they have lots of activities for littles! James loved the pumpkin rolling, leaf rubbing, visor decorating, and mask making, there were plenty more we just ran out of time to do them all. 

I also love festivals because of the food! I love roasted corn and I just can't seem to match that yummy roasted corn flavor at home, so when I can buy it, I buy it! Unfortunate for me James and Boston also learned they loved roasted corn, but honestly i was pretty proud, who could turn down corn, butter, garlic, salt and some cayenne pepper. It was delicious. Luckily I bribed them with some popsicles so i could snag a couple of bites. We also grabbed some apple cider, because its not Cider Days without some!

Later that day Logan had to head off to work while he was away it was talk like a pirate day another event I just can't pass up. I dressed both boys up, luckily we have a Captian Hook costume so I just had to make one costume up. With both boys dressed and ready we were on our way. James and Boston each received a full dozen doughnuts since they were dressed up! We enjoyed some doughnuts in the store then we dropped off a whole dozen with Logan so they could also enjoy yummy hot doughnuts!   

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