Jul 12, 2015

theme park + zoo = walking about 25 miles!

Since we have season passes to Silver Dollar City we are able to go quite often, James and Boss love the park, they both have their favorite rides and least favorite. James does not like any ride that evolves water and that may go fast or be in the dark, Boss would love to just go on any ride he could, the faster the ride the better but thanks to height restrictions he had a limited amount of rides he can ride. We hit the park early, we arrived right before the rides opened, and hurried on to the roller coasters so that we wouldn't have to wait later in line. The weather was perfect, it rained a little here and there which helped when it got a bit warmer. By the end of the day we were all tired and ready to go home, we all walked a ton! The next day we were off to the St. Louis Zoo, which also included a ton of walking. We choose a pretty good day to see the zoo, since it was also cooler thanks to rain predicted in the forecast. It sprinkled/misted most of the day. I loved that there were so many animals, Boston loved the birds and James loved running around with cousins.

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