Sep 22, 2016

Maela's Blessing Day

We had been planning Maela's blessing for awhile, we knew we wanted to wait for a little after she was born, so my mom could attend her blessing. The last time she visited Missouri she only came for the weekend and had to Fly back Sunday morning, planning a blessing around a flight was a bit difficult, so we decided to wait. Luckily she said she would be back in September, we held off on planning everything out until we knew for sure she would be returning. As September approached we figured we should get everything squared away, after booking her flight, we scheduled the blessing. Maela would be blessed September 18. We shared with family members the date hoping they could make it.
While in church a few weeks before her big blessing day I was asked to give a talk for the same day! I was to speak in teaching our children the commandments. "Oh my", was all that kept running through my head, not only did I have to prepare a blessing dress (I knew I wanted to make a special blessing dress for her. I wanted to design it, pick out the fabric and sew it) I now had to write and give a talk! I started planning my talk a week before, I read many references that included talks, scriptures and church manuals every day trying to find out what direction to take.
When my mom arrived, I explained what I wanted and the next day we were off to the store. I wanted a dress with a Peter Pan collar, cuffed long sleeves, buttons on the back and front, scallops along the bottom and a bonnet. We found the perfect white cotton with polka dots. We then washed, dried, ironed, made a pattern and started cutting. We were up until 2 am figuring things out. Once the top was done we were off to bed, the bottom half was finished the next day. The final dress was beautiful, my Mom worked her magic and it was exactly what I wanted. While we were sewing and cutting Maela took some nice long naps.

When Sunday finally came, the boys wore coordinating bow ties of course Logan also joined the fun and wore a matching tie. Maela was the last to get dressed, she was absolutely adorable dressed in white! We arrived early at church to take pictures with family, many of them needed to leave after Sacrament meeting, so we arranged to do pictures before.

Maela received a beautiful blessing from Logan. While receiving her blessing she was surrounded by many who already love her. Grandpa and Great Grandpa were present, Uncles who live in town were able to be present and friends we have grown to love like family. I am so thankful for the power of the priesthood, it has definitely made its impact in our life multiple times, including today. While growing up I never had the priesthood in my home, my mom was the only active member while I was younger, so knowing Logan holds the priesthood worthily and can bless our family with its power if we need, comforts me.
 My talk went as good as it could have gone. I was full of nerves so I rushed through it, but was happy with the end result. We were also blessed to hear a sweet message from Logan's grandfather, I love to hear counsel from those who have seen and experienced so much. Especially when it's from someone who Logan and I already admire. After sacrament we sent those who had to leave off with plenty of hugs.
I am so grateful that our family could be present to be a part of such a special day for our little girl. She truly is a Child of God, who we are so grateful for and love dearly.

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