Jul 25, 2016

Maela's birth story: part 2

[Part 1 can be read here]

By 9:31 am we were admitted, blood was drawn, monitors were hooked up I was ready! My contractions were getting more painful! And was ready for an epidural. I had always tried to handle the pain and try for an unmedicated delivery, but this time I new my body just couldn't do it especially if she was a big baby like her brothers. After the epidural was placed my legs were instantly numb, I couldn't feel anything waist down. The lights were dimmed and I tried to nap Logan was catching up on a tv show. I reached 6 cm at 1:48. Labor was progressing slowly so petocin was added to the IV at 2:15. Labor progressed painlessly, so far everything was easier this time around. 3:59 my water was broken and I reached 8 cm. At 4:30 pm I was checked again, I had reached 10 cm, fully effaced and head was making its way down. My doctor was called.
Carts were rolled in nurses were dressed and prepping everything for delivery. My legs were in the stirrups and the nurse mentioned you could see her hair. I snuck a peak and was shocked I could see her while she was still inside of me. Logan wanted to help out in everyday possible, he had talked to the nurses and my doctor about helping in the delivery. He wanted to help catch her, so my doctor said once the head was delivered he could delivery everything else. Our baby girl was pretty much pushing her was out a nurse held her head in place until the doctor came in to be sure she didn't arrive on her own. Within minutes the doctor arrived and dressed quickly and with one push At 5:35 pm weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces 19 inches long with a head circumference of 13 1/4 inches Meala Kathleen joined our family! She was placed on my chest and I was instantly in love with my sweet little girl, she was so small, adorable and finally all mine. I snuggled her while Logan cut the cord. I have wanted a little girl since I was little, I could not believe it had happened, the tears started rolling, she was here, she was safe, and adorable!

While Logan and I welcomed our new baby, my placenta did not want to detach, after an hour it was still attached. So it had to be manually removed, luckily I had a wonderful epidural, thank goodness for Anesthesiologist they are complete heroes! Later we found out my placenta had attached to my uterus from a hemorrhage I had early on.

We snuggled our sweet Maela for the next few hours, she was a big fan of nursing and latched perfectly! She was so quiet and loved to lay right on mama. Logan's sister, her kids  and his mom were able to visit before we were moved to our postpartum room I was still very numb so when I was ready to be moved I had to be rolled on a bed, Logan followed close behind.
It was about 9 pm and we were both hungry! I was able to get a sandwich and chips, Logan ran out to grab some dinner. Our first night was pretty easy, she slept and nursed. The only down fall was all the routine middle of the night vital checks. But we survived.

The next morning James and Boston came to visit! Boston was a little scared, all the wires and cords seemed to scare him and so he kept his distance. James asked to hold his sister and kept mentioning how cute she was. We snagged our first family photo and they were off to play. We later had plenty of visitors! Since I had to have a catheter because of the epidural, and I also had balloon like ball filled with water placed in my uterus to help slow the bleeding so I could not get out of bed or really move much.

We decided I would stay two nights in the hospital so I could get as much rest and not have to worry about anything at home. James and Boss were switched between family, I'm so grateful for such wonderful Sister in laws who offered to help! On Friday morning I was ready to go home, ready to see my boys, ready to be disconnected from all the cords and wires, ready to take a shower! I had the balloon removed and then the catheter and finally after two days could stand! It felt weird at first but then I was back to normal. I hopped in the shower, changed clothes, fixed my hair! Once clean and ready I snagged some newborn photos of Maela so we could announce her birth.

We were finally discharged around noon, the Boys were already home waiting for us. When we walked in Boston said he wanted to hold her and would not leave her side. He had to make sure she had two hands and feet, two eyes, two ears, a mouth and a nose. He loved her and had to make it known. James was also by her side, he wanted to help hold her talk to her. I am so lucky to have such wonderful boys. Once home everything felt complete, our family was perfect and complete! We were all happy to be with each other finally!

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