Feb 4, 2013

Sleep Training

James is fully sleep trained! I put training him properly for the longest time. I let James make his own schedule, he slept however long and when ever he wanted to. So when we moved into our new apartment and James was weaned and had his very own room, we had the opportunity placed infront of us. Time to train! I looked at a sleeping therapy Facebook page Sleeping Family and read posts from families who had similar sleeping problems and I applied them to James and our schedule. Within a few days we saw progress. First I set a set nap time and routine, one cup of milk before bed, he sleeps with a humidifier and a heater which is used for the noise. Second we worked on our bedtime routine, one cup of milk and a snack. Once again he sleeps with a heater and humidifier, we always say prayers and give his animals kisses and snuggle with his blankets, we say our goodnights turn the lights off and close the door.  If we stick to the same routine he sleeps wonderfully every time. He normally sleeps about 11.5 hours at night and 2.5 during the day, according to Cameron, the sleeping coach from Sleeping Family, he is getting just the right amount of sleep. I don't know why I put off training him for so long. It really wasn't that hard. With him sleeping in his own bed and own room, both Logan and I have been sleeping wonderfully! With our nest baby I will definitely be working on a set schedule as soon as possible!

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